We are the Little Giants.

Mobile Business and Entertainment


At DigiPoint we understand the diverse network elements of our operator partners, the sometimes unique charging solutions deployed from one market to another and we have built the internal capacity to not only integrate seamlessly to the operator, but also seamlessly for the end user.


From factual information to local anecdotes, from breaking news to jokes, INFOServe keeps the customer informed and entertained on a daily basis. INFOServe is a Mobile Originating / Mobile Terminating service offering customers the flexibility to schedule their updates (MT) daily, weekly or monthly or request the information on demand.


Our Active Media Platform interface is a web application which connects different media inputs to various screens, this allows our media partners to interact with their customers through social media, SMS, Twitter and SMS chat all in a single interface.


Mobile Business and Entertainment Solutions

Digipoint is a full service Mobile & Web content aggregator, publisher and originator with over 11 years mobile market experience and a combined 75 years technology development experience among our executives. At Digipoint, innovation is not a concept, it’s our way of life. Digipoint plays a pivotal role in the mobile ecosystem wherever we operate, we create solutions that meet the future expectations of our users, from idea to launch we connect our operator partners with the best local content partners while creating revenue generating opportunities for partners where they least expect them to be.