Digipoint’s Mobile Portal is a multi-language, multi-site, multi-currency Mobile Portal environment through which all our partners distribute media content. From simple syndicated content to Music videos our mobile portal presents the perfect opportunity for our partners to create a search, discover and purchase environment. MyDigicelLive.com


The Digipoint's content provider platform will allow originators, owners, and publishers of digital content to port it, parse it and configure it to be made available on the third screen. With this platform, content providers can easily upload their content, attached their videos and audio files and process their RSS Feeds all in the same environment.


With our advertising platform, our operator partners are well positioned to take advantage of opportunities that exist way beyond the traditional VAS enabled services Our platform will offer unique appeal to advertisers because unlike traditional media, real time, minute by minute visibility on what customers do with their ads and how they interact with the ad.

Mobile Business and Entertainment Solutions

Digipoint is a full service Mobile & Web content aggregator, publisher and originator with over 11 years mobile market experience and a combined 75 years technology development experience among our executives. At Digipoint, innovation is not a concept, it’s our way of life. Digipoint plays a pivotal role in the mobile ecosystem wherever we operate, we create solutions that meet the future expectations of our users, from idea to launch we connect our operator partners with the best local content partners while creating revenue generating opportunities for partners where they least expect them to be.